MEPCO Bill Online July 2024 -Check Duplicate MEPCO Bill

Check your Mepco bill online with Reference number or Consumer ID.

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If you need to learn about the 14-digit reference number printed on your Mepco bill, see the image above. It’s just under the ‘customer id’ at the bottom left side of this image.

mepco bill

Experience a smoother and more efficient way to manage your electricity bills. MEPCO’s online system is designed to make bill payments more manageable and less time-consuming.

If you’re interested in getting Mepco duplicate bill or lost your bill, you’re at the right spot. Simply MEPCO online bill enter 14 digit reference number in the search bar and get the exact amount of your bill within seconds. You can also check MEPCO bill without reference number by using Customer ID or by SMS Service.

Now, if you are looking for MEPCO MIS, or searching Mepco gov pk to get your Mepco duplicate bill, then just enter your reference number in the input field above and see your bill amount.

This user-friendly website gives you instant access to details of your electricity bills and makes it easy to manage and pay them with just a few clicks!

Check MEPCO Bill Online

By using our website you can easily check mepco bill online Multan. Experience the ease of use that MEPCO’s online payment system offers. It’s user-friendly and straightforward, making bill payments quicker and more efficient. Just follow the below steps to get the estimate bill check mepco on reference number.

  • Open the website to check MEPCO bill online
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number printed on the electricity bill in the search bar.
  • Press enters to get the results
  • Now the exact amount and due date details will appear within a few seconds on the screen.
  • Click on the bill and download MEPCO bill for further use.

If you misplace your bill, don’t worry! You can easily obtain a duplicate by printing it from the official mepco website. It’s important to remember that Mepco electricity bill provides accurate results when you enter the 14-digit reference code. Check mepco bill online by cnic If you enter your CNIC number, it will yield no results. So, double-check that you’ve entered the correct information to avoid confusion in MEPCO online bill check Multan.

MEPCO Operational Areas

Mepco online bill has been lighting up South Punjab for decades, and it’s still going strong! The company covers 13 major regional cities and handles any issues effectively. MEPCO manages a complex transmission and distribution network of over 82,132 km of lines, 786 grid stations, and 672 feeders. With Mepco, you can say goodbye to dark and stormy nights and hello to a brighter future!

The major cities of South Punjab using Mepco services are given below.

MultanRahim Yar Khan
Dera Ghazi KhanMuzaffargarh

For those interested in mepco bill check in due dates and amounts in South Punjab and surrounding cities, the process is straightforward. Regardless of your location, just enter the reference code to access the information you need.

MEPCO Bill Details

Do you ever try to read the electricity bill in detail? It’s essential to have the knowledge of each and everything mentioned on the bill to save your money and electricity as well. It’s also your moral responsibility to consume less electricity in peak hours. 

Furthermore, with Mepco’s online bill payment and download services at your fingertips, you can easily retrieve lost bills, create duplicates, and keep a record of your electricity bills without breaking a sweat. 

This hassle-free online service saves you the trouble of making physical office visits and cuts down on the wait time, leaving you with time to spare. In a nutshell, it’s a blessing in disguise for anyone looking for a seamless bill payment experience.”

Peak Hours Information of MEPCO Company

While extra taxes, surcharges, and rising unit costs can impact your expenses, being aware of MEPCO’s peak hour timings can help you manage electricity usage more efficiently. Understanding these timings enables users to potentially reduce consumption and save on costs during high-demand periods.

Following these peak hours timings, you can use fewer units and wisely save your money. The peak hours of electricity consumption are:

April-October6:30 pm-10:30pm
November-March6:00 pm-10.00 pm

MEPCO Bill Correction Facility

If you received your Mepco bill with a reading that varies from your estimated, for instance, higher reading, then you can simply ask to correct your bill. To make it correct, you can either visit the nearest Mepco office or file a complaint about the correction.

You can also avail of MEPCO online bill complaint service to register your complaints of high readings, unusual load shedding, and bill correction. Follow the simple steps for online bill correction complaints that are as simple as taking a breadth.

  • Open the official website of Mepco or click on the link below.
  • Select customer care from the menu bar to register your complaint.
  • Now, log in to the site with your registered details.
  • Select the option of bill correction from the section of the bill
  • Enter the correct meter readings showing on your electricity meter.
  • Within a few hours, you’ll receive an email of verification from Mepco regarding the correction invoice.

Take note of it! If you receive an incorrect bill and it’s still unpaid, Mepco will happily entertain your correction request complaint. But what if you’ve already paid the bill? Fear not, because Mepco will promptly verify the error and refund the excess amount by adjusting it from your next bill. It’s that simple!

MEPCO Customer Care Details

Besides the online customer care services of Mepco, you can call to customer care directly using the helplines of your own city and solve the issue on the spot if possible. Here is the list of contact numbers that you can use 24 hours a day.

District NameHelpline Number
Dera Ghazi Khan064-9239229
Bhawal Nagar063-9239031
Rahimyar Khan068-9230160

Top of all that, you can write an email directly to Mepco, discuss your problems or complaints, and get instant results.

MEPCO Bill Taxes & Surcharge Details

Multan electric power company not only charge for units consumption only. Certain taxes are added, so you must know what you paid. Here’s the list of some taxes that can help you better understand. 

Fuel Price Adjustment

Your have seen a term called FPA rates in elecrticity bill, which stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. This amount is added to your bill based on the fuel pricing of rental power companies that generate electricity from crude oil or other sources

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge

T.R. stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge, which is the difference between the tariffs set by the government (GOP) and the energy regulator (NEPRA). If the difference is positive, the GOP pays it as a “Subsidy.”
But if the difference is negative, the distribution company pays the GOP the remaining amount as an “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR).” Knowing this is important because it can affect how much you pay for electricity.

Financing Cost (FC) Surcharge in MEPCO Bill

Your electricity bill may notice a charge called F.C., which stands for Financing Cost. This charge is related to the costs associated with servicing the debt of Power Holding Private Limited. 
To ensure the debt is collected, officials have added a 43 paisa per unit F.C. surcharge. This surcharge will help cover the financing costs and provide a stable electricity supply.

Deferred Amount Tax

When you receive your electricity bill, you can pay the total amount immediately or defer payment to a later date. If you decide to defer payment, there won’t be any late charges. However, you’ll need to pay this deferred amount in whole or in installments in your subsequent bills.
It’s up to you to decide how to manage your electricity bill payments based on your needs and preferences.


Do contact with DSO office immediately to solve the issue. However, in emergencies, you can contact Mepco main office directly. 

You can contact your nearest office to correct your bill or use online complaint services after entering the exact readings to solve the issue.

You can contact the nearest customer care office or use the online complaint service free of cost