Make the shift to MEPCO’s online bill checking system for a more convenient and efficient experience in checking and settling your electricity bills. This service aims to simplify the traditional bill checking process, providing you with a reliable and streamlined platform. MEPCO’s online bill checking system is designed to bring peace of mind, making your monthly bill-paying routine hassle-free.

Opting for Mepco bill payment allows you to organize your payments effortlessly, eliminating the risk of missed due dates or the frantic search for misplaced bills. You can easily view your Wapda bill online, check bill details, and make payments promptly. Additionally, the system allows you to set up automatic email notifications informing about the due date of bill for added convenience and assurance.

By choosing MEPCO bill pay online, you not only stay ahead in managing your bills but also contribute positively to the environment. Say goodbye to paper bills and join the fight against waste – a beneficial situation for Multan residents.

Enroll in MEPCO’s online electricity bill checker today and embrace the advantages of modern technology. Stay up-to-date with the latest bills and experience the ease of managing your bills in a contemporary and efficient manner.

For information on locating the 14-digit reference number or consumer id on your Mepco bill, refer to the image provided below. It is situated just below the ‘connection date’ at the bottom left side of the image.

mepco bill