MEPCO Bill Payment Via App & Credit Card

Many solutions are available for MEPCO bill pay online, so you can rest easy knowing the ball is in your court. On every 15th of the month, when the deadline looms, users often feel like they are between a rock and a hard place, whether their bills arrive on time. 

However, technological advancements make our lives a piece of the cake. Now you can pay your bills online without caring about MEPCO bill’s late arrivals or the hassle of making ques outside the MEPCO bill payment locations.

MEPCO Endurance Payment Online

MEPCO & LESCO bill payment offers no discounts but customer convenience only. It helps people to pay MEPCO bills online for its consumers by partnering with banks and private companies, who have stepped up to the plate and provided various apps and services for hassle-free payments.

While the company doesn’t offer MEPCO bill pay online services on its website, they’ve hit the nail on the head by forging these partnerships to make life easier for its consumers. To retain their position in the market, many banks have thrown their hat in the ring and are offering online payment systems, along with fintech companies like Easypaisa and Jazz Cash, who are also in the running.

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Physical MEPCO Bill Payment Sources

Despite the convenience of MEPCO bill payments online, many consumers still prefer to stick with traditional physical payment methods. The government of Pakistan facilitates the people to pay their bills by visiting the Pakistan post office, commercial banks, or any utility bill payment shops.

Besides the time it takes to wait in line and deposit bills, the availability of these traditional payment methods is still alive and well. If you don’t mind a bit of a wait and prefer to pay your bills in person, you can still opt for these methods to make your payments

MEPCO Bill Payment Methods Using Apps

If you’re searching for a convenient way for electricity bill payments, look no further than paying them via the Internet. While bill payment history doesn’t show online bill payment mepco on their website, they’ve partnered with Fintech companies and banks to provide their customers access to apps that allow hassle-free bill payments.

Internet and Mobile Banking

The MEPCO users get the facility to pay their bills through ATMs, credit cards, or using Internet banking privileges. It is the secure and most effective way to pay bills online, having a lump sum amount in your bank accounts.

Online Banking Process in MEPCO Bill

If you want to pay your MEPCO bills online using bank accounts, follow the steps implemented on every bank account. 

  • Open the bank application on your devices.
  • Tab the section where you can pay your bills.
  • Select a provider and the category.
  • Enter the reference number to show the relevant information on your screen. 
  • Press the pay now button, and you’ve done.

Remember, MEPCO bill online payment through banking is secure and safe without worrying about stealing or missing.

Fintech Company Apps Paying Bills Online

In Pakistan, many companies offer online bill payment services to Android and iPhone users. With their user-friendly and trustworthy online apps, these companies make it as simple as pie for their customers to pay their bills. 

Furthermore, some of the most commonly used and highly dedicated apps for MEPCO Endurance Payment services are listed below, which also help in knowing the bill payment status after a few clicks only.

Jazz Cash APP For Bill Payment

Jazz cash is a hassle-free and time-saving way to pay your utility bills. With two convenient options available, customers can use bill payment through JazzCash to pay their electricity bills via the Jazz Cash app or by using a code. For Mobilink users, the process is as easy as falling off a log.

Simply, dial *786# from your registered number, and you’re ready! Non-Mobilink users can also enjoy the convenience of Jazz Cash by using the app to complete their bill transactions. 

It is simple to download from Google Play and make your account within seconds. After that, simply follow the steps below for online MEPCO payments. 

  • Open the Jaz cash app and log in for online payments
  • Select the option of utility bills <MEPCO
  • Add the 14-digit reference number mentioned on the MEPCO bill
  • Select the bill payment option and click on the play button

After paying the amount, you’ll receive a message of confirmation from Jaz Cash that you can further use in case of any payment problems.

Easypaisa APP For Electricity Bill

The other most convenient and reliable method for MEPCO bill pay within the due date is using the Easypaisa app. You can download the app through Google Play and make your accounts for long-term comfort. Follow the simple steps for bill payment through EasyPaisa online. 

  • Open the Easypaisa app using your device.
  • Log in to your account and select the option of bill payment.
  • Select MEPCO from the drop-down list and enter the reference number
  •  Simply click on paying button, and that’s all!
  • After receiving the confirmation message from Easypaisa, you can take a load off.

Daraz Wallet APP For Online MEPCO Bill Pay

Daraz is a famous online shopping app that entertains users to pay their MEPCO bills online quickly and hassle-free. This advanced feature of Daraz facilitates its loyal customers by offering discounts and zero payment charges. However, bill payment through ATM is also possible to discuss later.

  • Open the Daraz Wallet on your device
  • Select the company as MEPCO
  • Enter the reference number and check once before confirming the payment
  • Now click the pay button to complete the process.

Bear in mind! You must have a sufficient amount in your Daraz wallet app using mobiles or PCs to pay your bill. However, MEPCO bill payment through the mobile app is more convenient than ever.

MEPCO Bill Pay Through Credit Card

MEPCO online bill payments are more convenient and secure compared to visiting registered centers or banks to pay bills. There are many ways to pay MEPCO bills online, including credit cards, Jazz cash, EasyPaisa, etc.,., for consumer ease. If you are an online user interested in paying MEPCO electricity bills online using credit cards, follow the simple steps below to complete the process. Please note that only registered banks can accept your electricity bills; their details are below.

  • Open desired bank application on the device in which you’ve got an account.
  • Must confirm that the Bank you’re choosing is in the registered bank’s list that accepts MEPCO bills online.
  • Log in to the app of the bank you selected.
  • Click on payments and then select bill payments to pay your bills.
  • Now select MEPCO in the search bar and click on it.
  • Enter your consumer code containing a 14-digit unique number.
  • After that click next to proceed further.
  • Within a few seconds, you’ll see the details of the Mepco bill on your screens including date, dues to pay, name, and after due date.
  • Now click on next and enter your credit card MPIN to pay the bills.
  • Shortly, you’ll receive the message of successful payment.

It’s really simple to use credit cards to pay electricity bills effortlessly and hassle-free. It’s completely secure by the banks and ensure the consumer for the safety of their details. 

Banks For MEPCO Bill Payment Through Credit Card

Bill payment customer care from different banks is always available to help people pay bills online. Here’s the list of banks where you can pay your MEPCO bills confidently using online apps or visiting their locations.

Bank NameWebsiteBank NameWebsite
Allied Bank Limitedabl.comFaysal
Standard Bank of
Meezan Bankmeezanbank.comNational Bank of
Askari Bankaskaribank.comUnited
Habib Bankhbl.comSoneri

You can quickly pay your bills in any of the branches listed above. Bill payment through credit/debit card is the most efficient and reliable electricity bill payment method. You can also pay check LESCO bill online by these methods.

Final Words

A very convenient, reliable, and hassle-free method to pay your electricity bills is MEPCO online bill payment services. These methods can save you from bill payment due dates or after-date challenges. However, bill payment charges nothing more than customer ease and comfort.

It doesn’t provide these services, but commercial banks, utility bill shops, and other fintech companies entertain the people in bill payments. You can’t MEPCO bill payment only your bills online but also check the status of your bill payments and generate duplicate copies of bills.

You can easily check the payment status by entering a 14-digit reference number on the website and getting all the required details. 

Yes, paying your bills online without putting in effort or wasting energy is completely safe. You can select any authentic payment method accepted by the MEPCO. 

You’ll follow the same process to pay your bill using a credit card as other apps follow. Select bill payment, choose MEPCO as a category, enter the reference number, and pay using the credit card option.