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Net Metering – Download Application Form

You must know about net metering to set up renewable energy using solar energy. The concept of net metering is familiar; even in many countries, net metering laws are also implemented under certain limitations. 

Net Metering Pakistan allows people to generate their electricity through sunlight. Further, the excess electricity can be sold to national power stations instead of wasting it. In this case, consumers can get the advantage of low electricity bills or compensation of 20-40% of their MEPCO electricity bills.

Remember, every consumer can’t avail of the net metering facility. Furthermore, there’s a unique mechanism for helping this facility after following the set rules of NEPRA in 2015. NEPRA already passed the net metering regulation for the ease of consumers.

Introduction of Net Metering

Net metering is a potential billing mechanism that enables electricity generation through solar panels and the sale of excess power to various grid stations. It operates on a give-and-take principle, providing solar panel owners with the benefit of reduced electricity bills.

This mechanism can be explained by the simple example of an individual with a PV system on the top roof that enlightens his house with sunlight-generated electricity. In Pakistan, hot scorching days can help generate more electricity in daylight than regular home use. 

NEPRA Pakistan allows people to sell their electricity and get rewards for it. This simple mechanism, called net metering, is a natural, robust, and inexpensive way to quickly produce as much electricity as possible and reduce electricity bills. 

Net Metering Vs. Net Billing

The difference between net metering and net billing concepts is as clear as water. Net metering in Pakistan is available at wholesale prices but net billing deals with consumers at retail prices. 

In net metering, you can receive credit for each KWh (Kilowatt/hr) you sell to the grid station. In return, you can enjoy the same amount of KWh when needed. It is the same as the trade and barter system that helps the solar industry owners sell their products to get some product instead of money. 

There is another way to utilize this credit. You can hold these credits long and cash them after supplying unused electricity units. Solar industry owners can use this opportunity to support their system in fulfilling the electricity demand.  

Contrary, when talking about what is net billing in the solar system, Your solar system’s surplus energy is sold to the utility at a lower price compared to what you would pay as a customer. The energy you generate from solar power is treated similarly to how large-scale energy producers or power plants sell their energy to the grid.

Net Metering Application

The process of net metering in Pakistan is as simple as pie. However, you must follow some sequential process to benefit from net metering at your home. Nepra Pakistan has passed regulations with all the requirements to become part of net metering at your own pace.

Firstly, you’ll proceed through the application with all necessary documents required by NEPRA and submitted into the nearest DISCO(Distribution company) office. DISCO further acknowledges the application, checks the complete requirements, and notifies the applicant if all requirements are adequately fulfilled. 

The application acknowledgment process can take five working hours. In case of incomplete information, the applicant must provide the required documents within seven days of notification to the distribution company office.

 In the last step, the electricity distribution company reviews the application again with complete required document details and accepts or rejects it based on set rules by NEPRA. This process may take twenty working days to complete.

Required Documents For Net Metering Pakistan

It is essential to know about the documents required to get access to the net metering. The list of documents is as follows:

  • You must have a CNIC copy at the time of applying for net metering
  • A copy of the current electricity bill
  • The serial number of the inverter is also required as a required document
  • You must present the inverter datasheet along with the net metering application
  • A solar panel datasheet is also required to apply for a net metering facility.
  • An affidavit of 50 or 100 rupees
  • The layout diagram of a complete solar system for presentation.
  • Need of company invoice who will install the complete setup, known as AEBD authorization.

Net Metering – Eligibility Criteria

Before net metering installation, one must focus on key features to fulfill the net metering Pakistan system. These components are:

Grid Connectivity

The first requisite of net metering is having a grid connection to sell the excessive electricity. 

If you want to become the owner of the solar system having access to net metering, make it sure that the system ties perfectly with the grid station or hybrid system.

Availability of 3-Meter Phase

The other requirement of net metering is the availability of a 3-meter phase to reverse the unused electricity that can be used to fill the market’s electricity demand.

Load balancing

It is the most significant part of the net metering. Be careful that the overall electricity load supply to the meter must be less than the solar system capacity, even though an individual can access a net metering facility over the 3KW capacity of a solar system. However, the net worth of the total electricity supply to the meter must be 2KW or less.

What is Net Billing in Recruiting

Net Billing plays a significant role in recruiting in terms of creating new job opportunities, income generation, and investment as well. Net metering usually helps increase solar panel demand to generate electricity, which also helps fill the market demand gap. 

Net metering in Pakistan creates jobs for installers and manufacturers, electricians, and other laborers directly installing solar panels. Currently, more than 230,000 American people are working in solar industries that can be replaced with Pakistani employees after creating opportunities for them. 

Education and training help create jobs in various fields and produce responsible, highly skilled, and professional workers for running the solar industry effectively and efficiently instead of hiring people from other countries.

Net Metering Price in Pakistan

The cost of net metering depends on system capacity and monthly electricity usage. In estimation, the net metering minimum starting price in Pakistan is 80,000 to 120,000, which can increase based on use and capacity. 

Currently, with the collaboration of banks and private financing companies, the government of Pakistan provides solar system facilities to every individual for long-run use. You can transform your electricity usage to solar panels by taking loans or financing in easy installments. 

Solar System Capacity Required for Home Use

Don’t buy a home-based solar system without knowing the exact requirements. The right decision will help in saving your time and money simultaneously. The details of the solar system with the capacity and units consumed are given below.

Monthly Units consumedSolar System Capacity


Net Metering Pakistan is a robust billing mechanism, enabling the solar industry to participate in the circulation of demand and supply actively. Individuals who have installed solar panels can apply for net metering, with the critical requirement of attaching the necessary documents to ensure a seamless process. 

The cost of net metering in Pakistan varies depending on the system’s capacity and the regular consumption of units. Typically, it ranges from 80,000 to 120,000 while also contributing to job creation and mitigating Pakistan’s unemployment challenge.

The process entirely depends on the attachment of all required documents. Usually, it takes 90 days, as defined by NEPRA, but it can be done in less time if documents are completed.

No, you can’t. A person with an electricity connection can avail of this opportunity; otherwise, apply for a new connection before processing the net metering application. 

Not really. A specific range of sizes is discussed under NEPRA regulation, but the solar panel size must be 1.5 times greater than the sanctioned load for safe transitions.

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