New Electricity Connection – MEPCO Meter Replacement Charges & Procedure

Would you like to acquire a new electricity connection for domestic, industrial, or commercial use? MEPCO has recently streamlined its procedures to make them more convenient for its customers than ever! You now have the option to apply for a MEPCO new connection either by visiting your nearest MEPCO office or by downloading the application form online from their official website.

In addition, you can also access the MEPCO website to download the new WAPDA meter application form, check the priority list for self-purchased transformers, or view the seniority of pending Ripe Industrial electric connections. In addition, the MEPCO meter tracking procedure is also available for the common man.

MEPCO New Connection Online Apply Procedure

Getting MEPCO’s new connection demand notice fee and application process is as easy as falling off a log, so there’s no need to get worked up about it. Anyone can get it without breaking a sweat. Follow the simple steps to understand the complete application process for MEPCO’s new electricity connection.  

  • Visit the website of MEPCO ( to download the new connection application.
  • Upload required documents scanned copies to complete the process of application.
  • Applicant ownership proof document
  • Letter of concern by the applicant.
  • Attachment of power of attorney in case of too many cooks in the kitchen.
  • Copy of CNIC (attested) and NOC if the applicant is a renter.

Dual-Phase New Electricity Connection

If you’re applying for a dual-phase, you must attach two witnesses’ CNIC copies; otherwise, ignored.

  • The consumer is required to submit a tariff copy that has been duly signed.
  • Now, submit the application form with all the required documents.
  • Remember to take a copy of the submitted application form.
  • After that, submit a printed copy of the application along with attested documents to the MEPCO concerned office.
  • After the document verification, you’ll get the demand notice shortly.
  • Submit the charges of demand notice to the designated bank.
  • Submitting the copy of paid demand notice to the MEPCO concerned office is also necessary.
  • Installing a new meter connection will proceed after verifying the demand notice.

You can also check the MEPCO online meter application status through customer care contacts or visit the nearest MEPCO location. There is also availability to check the MEPCO application status online using the MEPCO website if you want to apply for New Electricity Connection.

Estimated Time for New Electricity Connection

The time estimation of MEPCO meter installation depends on the connection category. In general, three main types of MEPCO decide the estimated meter installation time based on load. The estimated time for the three categories is given below:

UP to 15kW: Category – I 

1The applicant must complete the application form and attach the necessary documents to the nearest office. Upon submission, the office will issue a receipt and assign a seniority number to the applicant. To facilitate this process, the office will establish a seniority register that reflects the order in which applications were submitted, and the applicant will have access to it.1
2Before granting a MEPCO new connection, the concerned officer will personally visit the site to determine if it’s feasible. If it’s not viable, the applicant will be promptly notified.3
3If the location checks out for a MEPCO new connection, the office will crunch the numbers and create an estimated price tag.2
4Once the cost estimation is complete, the office will send a demand notice to the applicant, which can be collected in person or dispatched via post.2
5The applicant must deposit the demand notice fee to the bank and furnish a copy of the payment receipt to the appropriate MEPCO office.2
6It is significant to submit the wiring test report by the applicant for verification.3
7The office will prepare the priority list of applicants based on the date of submission of their dues.1
8A service connection order will be issued by the office.3
9Subsequently, the relevant office will contact the store to obtain connection items such as a meter, wire, installation kit, etc.3
10The required items will be provided to the relevant office by the store5
11Upon receiving the connection items, the SDO or Assistant Manager of the Operations office will proceed to install the new meter connection.5
Total estimated days30

Up to 16-70: Category-II

Even though the process of connection installation is the same for Category II as for category-I, the estimated time may be longer than for category-I. The estimated time for Category II is up to 44 days due to its technicalities. 

Up to 71-500 kW: Category – III

The steps and process of category-III are similar to other categories. The only difference is the time to install a new meter connection. The estimated time for category-III is up to 73 days from application submission to the installation process.

MEPCO New Electricity Connection Requirement

If you’re interested in a residential electricity bill meter connection, then the requirement of documents is the same as discussed above. However, commercial or industrial meter connections require some additional documents along with attested copies of CNIC, NOC, and power of attorney documents that are discussed below: 

  • Required copy of incorporation certificate in case of private limited or limited companies. 
  • Map of the location where a meter connection is required.
  • Need of charge creation certificate issued by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

MEPCO Meter Replacement Charges & Procedure

Contact customer care immediately if you’re facing any problems with your MEPCO meter. As a MEPCO consumer, you’ve got the right to register complaints, ask for new meter connections, and get support right away. MEPCO allows consumers to fill out the application form if they want new meter connections. MEPCO meter replacement charges are not fixed. It depends on the situation and why you want to alter it. 

There are specific reasons discussed in the MEPCO consumer manual, including disconnection problems, stolen, Load extension, and shifting of connection. To proceed, firstly, you must download the MEPCO meter replacement application form for the meter through the MEPCO Official Website

You’ll fill out the form by filling in all the requirements clearly mentioned on the form, along with the reason. The WAPDA Pakistan team will check the status of the consumer using MEPCO MIS status or may visit the consumer’s place to look at the situation carefully.  

After the complete analysis, MEPCO meter replacement charges will be decided under NEPRA, responsible for setting the charges of new meter connections, and others follow some calculations to solve the problem of the consumer. 

Don’t forget to register a complaint for a replacement before filling out the form for a new connection. It’ll make your task as easy as air.  You can use the online system of MEPCO to resolve your queries or visit the nearest office for further guidelines.  


The MEPCO meter or New Electricity connection process is as easy as breathing. Online application submission makes it more convenient and fruitful for consumers to update the required documents’ relevant details. 

After following the complete steps of the New Electricity Connection, you can feel walking in the air. Furthermore, it’s recommended that you review the filled application form before submission to complete the entire process smoothly.  


Yes. MEPCO charges a security fee for installation. The charges for residential connection are 1800 Rs/- and for commercial use 6000 Rs/- only. 

You can register your complaint online through email. You can also write an application or send an SMS to Wapda helplines and SMS code to resolve problems.

It’s pretty simple to check the status of billing online. Enter the reference code in the search bar and click the check button. The required details will display in front of you within seconds.