MEPCO Old Bill Check – MEPCO Previous Bill

If you’ve lost your MEPCO bill or can’t remember where you put it, we can help you retrieve it. Why? Because we’re here to facilitate you in searching your MEPCO previous bill history effortlessly.

As a busy MEPCO customer, it can be challenging to keep track of past bills. MEPCO strives to offer services that simplify its customers’ lives. MEPCO’s online bill service efficiently provides access to current and past bills.

MEPCO Old Bill Check History

MEPCO online electricity bill history is one of the easiest ways to know about your current bills, manage your electricity problems, and generate duplicate copies of old bills. The user-friendly interface helps people in developing their online bills conveniently and effortlessly.  

Accessing your old MEPCO bill is straightforward. You can easily access your old or MEPCO previous bill by following these straightforward steps.

  • Visit the official website to generate the MEPCO bill print or copy.
  • Customers can check their MEPCO old bill history online using a reference number or customer ID found on their bill.
  • Enter your reference number or unique customer ID in the search bar.
  • Press the check history button to proceed.
  • Within a few seconds, you’ll get the desired results at the front of your screen.

Please note, you can view your past bill history or get a duplicate of an old bill only if you have previously used the online bill checking service.

Once you use online bill-checking services, the system stores your records for subsequent access. These records are then displayed upon request for old bill details. 

Significance of MEPCO Bill Print

Although you’re now familiar with how to generate the MEPCO old bill print, do you know why it is necessary to have a record of the previous month’s electricity bill copy? Keep in mind the significance of MEPCO’s previous old month’s big copy based on the following reasons.

  • If you feel any miscalculations in unit consumption of the current monthly bill, you must have the record of old electricity bill copies to apply.
  • The previous old month’s bill also helps you compare the unit consumption, tax rates, and reference number that keep changing every next electricity bill cycle.
  • Old bills are also helpful for electricity insights relating to tariffs and other relevant details.
  • A copy of the previous month’s bill is also helpful in submitting new meter applications and adjusting bill payments and installments.

Managing electricity bills can be challenging with a busy schedule. MEPCO provides online bill checking and generating old month’s bills services to its consumers for their ease. You can also receive your bills via email, which is convenient if you’re moving or away.


Obtaining a copy of an old bill is straightforward. You can request one at a nearby MEPCO office or conveniently generate it online through MEPCO’s official website to save time.

Indeed, for corrections related to billing errors, such as incorrect unit consumption or payment discrepancies, maintaining a record of past bills is crucial for efficient resolution.

To arrange for installment payments, it’s necessary to have your previous bill handy. If you’ve misplaced it, you can quickly retrieve your bill history online using your customer ID or reference number.


MEPCO, a power distribution company, shows its best in providing the best efficient services to its consumers using online portals. These online portals efficiently address customer queries, saving time and energy. 

It’s one of the best solutions to generate old month’s bill copies within seconds without visiting the MEPCO office. OLd month’s electricity bills are significant in solving many technical problems relating to electricity and other governmental challenges.

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