MEPCO Bill Calculator 2023 – Enter Units to Check Estimated Bill

Calculating your electricity bill can be confusing, especially if you need help understanding its calculation. Mepco bill calculator show you the estimate bill, due date and surcharge after due date. Enter the 14 digit reference number or customer id in below form to check your latest mepco bill:

This tool calculates your bill based on the total number of electric units consumed and the latest tariff or additional charges implemented by the Government of Pakistan. With this tool, you are getting an estimate of your electricity bill without any hassle.

MEPCO Electricity Bill Calculator

Multan Electric Power Company sends bills to its customers at the start of each month. Occasionally, you may want to verify your usage to ensure you're being billed correctly for your electricity consumption.

Calculating your bill by hand can be quite challenging and often leads to mistakes due to its complexity. To avoid this hassle and save time, using an online bill calculator is a more reliable and efficient solution. 

It's fast, user-friendly, and reliable. By just entering the reference number or consumer number you will get the complete information of your recent mepco bill.

MEPCO Bill Calculation Formula

Using MEPCO's online bill payment system streamlines the traditional process of electricity bill management. This digital solution allows you to check and pay your bills with efficiency and accuracy.

This tool estimate your bill is fair and accurate. It also take down the electricity expenses of bill.

MEPCO Unit Estimator

If you want to know unit consumption details, then the MEPCO unit calculator greatly helps. Follow the simple steps and check out the figures. 

  • Open the MEPCO unit calculator from the website
  • Enter the reference number from your electricity bill 
  • Click the button to get the desired results

Within seconds, you get the MEPCO bill on your screen without physically wasting the energy of visiting MEPCO offices. Bear in mind! The online MEPCO bill calculator generates estimated amounts closer to the original one generated by MEPCO itself. 

If you're interested in manual calculations of units consumed, then follow these steps:

  • Take the last month's MEPCO bill.
  • Record the units consumed in the last month.
  • Check the current readings of the electricity meter.
  • Simply subtract the previous units consumed from the contemporary readings.
  • The remaining will show the units consumed in the current month.

How to use MEPCO Bill Calculator Online

To calculate the MEPCO bill online, follow the simple steps and generate your bill yourself.  

  • Visit the MEPCO official website or click on the above link.
  • Choose the option of MEPCO from the given list.
  • Now click on the submit button.
  • It'll leads you to the Mepco bill estimator to calculate the bill.
  • Select the connection type from the drop-down list
  • Choose the phase and add units consumed. 
  • The MEPCO bill estimator shows the results according to the units consumed.
  • Now, choose the TV sets from the list.
  • You can check or un-check the ED exempt checkbox in the next step, depending on how you want to calculate your bill. 
  • Similarly, you can perform the same process for GST in the next step
  • Click on submit, and you'll get a copy of your MEPCO bill within a few seconds.

WAPDA Bill Calculator Process

In Pakistan, the Wapda calculation formula is based on the meter readings. To calculate the bill amount manually, the total consumed units multiply by the current unit price. The current unit price can be checked through the tariff guide. 

The total unit consumption is the subtracted amount of the previous month's units and the current unit's consumption, which helps get more accurate results. Don’t forget to see the additional tax charges on your bill copies and add them to the total energy bill to get the final bill amount.  

Bear in mind! Tax amounts, the addition of surcharges, or an increase in unit price updates can be visited on the MEPCO website. The tariff guide and MEPCO bill calculator help you get up-to-date information about your time and energy.  Also, the electric bill calculator Pakistan shows estimated values that can be differentiated from the actual bill received from WAPDA. 

MEPCO Unit Rate For Domestic Connections

MEPCO electricity consumption calculator is a tool for every user in Pakistan. You must know the per-unit price at different levels to calculate more reliable and authentic results. The unit rate for domestic connections is as follows.

Unit ConsumedRate Per Unit
Consumed Units: 1 to 503.95
Consumed Units: 51 to 1007.74
Consumed Units: 101 to 20010.06
Consumed Units: 201 to 30012.15
Consumed Units: 301 to 70019.55
Consumed Units: More than 70022.65

The MEPCO bill payment calculator is a user-friendly tool that breezes bill payments. To assist you in understanding your electricity usage and billing, MEPCO offers a comprehensive online tool. While the tool is designed to be user-friendly, it's important to familiarize yourself with its functions for accurate usage.

MEPCO's free bill calculator help customers to manage and checking their bills more efficiently. You no longer need to wait in line outside the office to solve your electricity bill problems.


Yes, you can easily calculate your bill manually using the Wapda calculation formula. Simply deduct your last month's units from the current unit consumption and multiply by the per-unit price.

Visit the MEPCO Tariff Guide for the per-unit price, surcharges, and tax details.

It's effortless to look at the reference number mentioned on the bill. Usually, it is located at the bottom corner of the bill and contains 14 digits.