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MEPCO MIS Online – Online Management Information System 2023

MEPCO provides electricity services in a well-organized way to help its consumers to enjoy the electricity services effectively. MEPCO MIS system is one of the most well-managed information network systems with a record of all its consumers. 

Suppose you want to know about any users and services he has already enjoyed with the help of MEPCO. Even it’s one of the best ways to find out defaulters or people with pending charges history. MEPCO’s highly skilled staff members, like an administrative team and line managers, only operated this system.  

MEPCO MIS, a web-based portal, is also accessible for MEPCO-authorized users to check their MEPCO Electricity Bill and other relevant data. Consumers using unique credential details can log in to the portal and be connected with MEPCO effortlessly.

Online MEPCO MIS System

MEPCO MIS online is a practical, reliable, and robust web-based online portal for consumer ease. MEPCO, Multan Electric Power Company, helps over 13 million Pakistanis to enlighten their homes. MEPCO is delivering its services in 13 districts of South Punjab as a public limited company. 

The online MEPCO MIS system was introduced in 2016 because of the high volume of customer management. The company launched MIS MEPCO to store customers’ details effectively and to facilitate the viewing and management of their routine problems.

It mainly includes complaint details, court histories, pending recovery details, complaints, new applications, billing corrections, etc. After many years of improvement, in 2023, a comprehend, effective and well-managed system has been ready to save people from climbing a steep mountain.

How to Access the MEPCO MIS

If you want to access the MEPCO Multan MIS web portal to check the history of your bills, MEPCO consumed units calculation, estimated bills, or anything that you’re interested then follow the simple steps before stepping forward.

  • Go to the official website of MEPCO
  • Select Employee Corner from the menu bar.
  • Click on the MIS system.
  • You’ll lead shortly to the MEPCO MIS system
  • Enter your username and password to access the system.

 You can directly access the MIS system by simply typing MIS MEPCO in the Google search bar or opening the website link for easy access. Keep in mind, only MEPCO employees can access this portal directly.

How Does MEPCO MIS Online Works

The efficient MEPCO MIS online system enables customer care to access and assist consumers promptly. The services of MEPCO Multan MIS are available 24/7 for its valued customers with no delays. 

The functionality of the MIS portal login for MEPCO Multan is straightforward. Every allowed employee with access to the MIS system is responsible for managing customer data organizationally. The administration is also responsible for system maintenance and upgrades to mitigate the risks of information misuse.

Using the system, customer care can easily approach the customer having queries or problems relating to electricity and solve them within 24 hours. It’s as easy to cut the cake and approachable as an open door to check your account history.

MEPCO MIS Features

The significant features of the MEPCO MIS system are discussed below for clear understanding. A person with authentic web portal access can check these details and solve consumer problems.

  • Billing Details
  • Account Information
  • Complaint Management System
  • MEPCO Web-portal Access
  • Online Payments
  • 24/7 Services

 As a consumer, you can avail all of these services at your doorsteps using MIS MEPCO services, that’s as effective as a powerful tool. 


MEPCO APP is one of the best features of the  MIS portal login MEPCO Multan that works as icing on the cake. It is the most convenient way, especially for customers, to pay online bills, check their billing history, use a compliant management system, and solve their queries effortlessly. 

The MEPCO mobile app facilitates efficient management of connections, saving users valuable time. With this app, you can quickly pay your bills and avoid the stress of electricity disconnection because of unpaid or delayed bills.

You can use MEPCO MIS through the website to check your billing details effortlessly. Just visit the website or download the MEPCO app for further convenience.

Yes, it is. You can use the system to save the time, energy, and hassle of visiting the MEPCO office.


The MEPCO MIS is a well-managed and efficient information system network contributes to a smooth experience for the company and consumers. This comprehensive system stores all MEPCO user’s data and credentials safeguarding the company against fraudulent consumer activities. 

MEPCO administration and line managers have access to the system to address consumer issues swiftly. As a customer, you can also utilize the MIS to conveniently check your account details, pay bills, register complaints, and access other features through the MEPCO website or by downloading the MEPCO App.

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